Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oprah's Favorite Foodie Things!

As some of you may already know, I am not a huge Oprah fan. I go back and forth in a sort of "love-hate" relationship with her. Sometimes her shows intrigue and fascinate me (such as her shows about hoarders), and other times I just roll my eyes at her show and say, "Gimme a break, sistah," and then proceed to mutter obscenities at her. Suffice to say, though, that when I saw that Oprah's "My Favorite Things" show was going to be broadcast this afternoon, I was all over it. I'll put up with Oprah's annoying antics for 55 minutes just so I can drool over all the awesome products I'll probably never own, plus seeing her audience members go absolutely crazy is priceless. This year, she had some incredible products for the self-defined Foodie:

These delectable looking cupcakes can be hand-delivered to your door from
Williams-Sonoma for a whopping $59!! Yikes...but oh man, do they look scrumptious.

I love bright colors of these melanine mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons. They all have pour spouts on them, plus the bowls have a non-skid, rubber rim on the bottom of them, too. Also from Williams-Sonoma.

I saved the absolute best for last...The Kitchenaid Artisan Standing Mixer! This my all-time dream kitchen appliance. Dave and I had one on our wedding registry and on the registry print-out, it said that it had been purchased. Yet, as we were cleaning up all the wrapping paper after opening our wedding gifts, we realized that none of the packages contained my beloved mixer. All I can figure is that some cruel individual purchased it for us, was then struck by the sheer magnitude of kitchen genius that lied in the mixer...and decided to keep it for themselves! Or maybe there was a computer error at Target and the mixer was never purchased at all. I like the first story better, it's way more dramatic. Either way, I'm still holding onto the hope that one day the Kitchenaid Mixer will be permanent resident in my kitchen.

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