Friday, January 25, 2008

TJ's Pick 'O' The Week and More Cool Food Blogs

This lemon curd brings back memories of a delightful restaurant in Lincoln that served the most humongous (and scrumptious) scones I've ever had. I swear those scones were so huge that they nearly had their own solar system! And along side each order of scones were homemade preserves, fresh whipped cream, and homemade lemon curd. Ahh, a breakfast fit for a queen. I've enjoyed TJ's lemon curd on simple English muffins, plus the occasional spoonful right from the jar! (Here are some other suggested uses for it: spread on toast or muffins, warm and use as a dessert topping, pipe into cream puffs or tartlets.) And all of TJ's organic preserves are your heart out, Smucker's!

Okay, and here are few more amazing food blogs that I've recently happened upon, sites that are an inspiration to me. Check 'em out:

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