Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Signs My 4 Year Old Is Turning Against Me

So about a month ago, Calvin and I were driving all over the St. Louis metro area, going to appointments and running miscellaneous errands. After dropping off our recycling in Kirkwood, I realized just how quickly our afternoon was passing us by. It was nearly 2:00, we hadn't even had lunch yet, and we were still a good 20 minutes from home. I made the executive decision to purchase some snacks from a local grocery store to tide us over on the trip home.

Totting our treats and a couple cans of "Blue Sky" pop, we returned to the car. I got Calvin all set up with his snack in the backseat and was about to hand him his pop, when all of the sudden I began to see the possible turn of events in my head: 4 year old + backseat of the car + open can of pop...well, you can do the math! So I reassured him that I would keep his pop safely in the front seat and that he could have it as soon as we got home. A few minutes later, this is the conversation that began to develop:

C: Why do you call it "pop?"
Me: Well, because I'm from Nebraska and that's what I've always called it.
C: But it's called soda.
Me: In St. Louis, people call it soda. But I call it pop.
C: But it's not called pop, it's called soda.
Me: (getting a bit agitated) Well pop and soda are the exact same thing, but some people call it pop and some people call it soda.
C: Well I call it soda.

This went back and forth like this for several minutes. Remember my pop/soda debate a while back? To further fuel my annoyance, now I'm being being told by a 4 year old what to call my carbonated beverages!! I think I'll be lessening Calvin's inheritance into the family fortune.


BKicklighter said...

That is not just funny, that is uber-hilarious.

RT said...

We're making an effort to teach "soda" to Liv--but that's hard to do in the land of "pop"! It's nice to know Calvin has a strong opinion on the matter. lol.

Mickey said...

That's one hilarious and opinionated grandson I have!