Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Product Highlight

Elmer's Glue on your Christmas cookies?! While it is fun to reminisce of my kindergarten days when glue was accepted as a food group, I wouldn't suggest using it on your cookies. But what I am saying is that you should check out an awesome product that my Mom discovered recently: Wilton's Cookie Icing. Now this is not your usual "frosting in a can." Instead, it is a quick and simple way to replicate that lovely glaze known to the decorating gurus as "Royal Icing," which is made with meringue powder. Royal icing differs from standard buttercream because it harden somewhat as it dries. My Mom was quite pleased with the ease in using it: simply follow the directions to soften the icing in the microwave, squeeze on your cookies, and allow them to dry. (The results were pretty yummy, too, as both Calvin, Grandma's cookie helper, and I can both vouch for!!)

Mom found Wilton's Cookie Icing at Target, and I have heard it can be found at Michael's, too. If you see it anywhere else, let me know. Happy decorating!

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