Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Healthy (and Moral) Love Affair

I adore avocados. No, make that, I LOVE avocados, passionately and without abandon. I am so thankful for my eyesight every time I cut one of these beauties open because their color is simply stunning. But please, why did those crazy folk in the 70's think this color would look good on walls and couches and bathroom tiles...ugh, God forbid!! Then, there's the taste--smooth, creamy, slightly nutty and oh-so-indulgent. For the past 5 months or so, I have been eating an avocado nearly every day. It usually takes residence on my daily lunch salad and when tossed with other salad goodies, it sky-rockets my salad from "good" to "phenomenal." And I have yet to get tired of them.

I have only the slightest quibble with avocados. Why, I ask, why must they go brown so quickly after cutting into them? I know, I know, there's all that chemistry about why fruits like apples and pears turn brown once their flesh is pierced, and I'm sure it's the same with avocados. But it's just a little disheartening...I mean, I cut into it, barely turn around and it's already staring to brown. So I have to be committed to eating a whole avocado at a time and thankfully, my halfpint veggie-lover shares my affinity for avocados and will gladly split one with me. I guess it's a small price to pay for all that wholesome goodness.

Read all about the do-ya-body-good benefits of avocados here. And search for a vast variety of recipes featuring avocados here.


Mickey said...

You adore avocados...and I adore anyone who adores avocados! ;-) Too bad I can't eat them! I'll have to have at least a couple on hand when you come to visit, so I don't "spoil" your "nearly every day" avocado habit! And the little half pint helper can help eat them as well as someone's father.

Karen said...

So, question: can you eat avocados after they turn brown by just slicing off the layer of brown stuff? I ask because I know someone who does this (it happens to be me).

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, one can easily slice off the brown problem. My big annoyance is that I can't cut up avocados ahead of time (like earlier in the day), b/c they'll be covered in brown. Nor can I eat only part of it and save the rest for later, b/c of the same problem.

The only thing that does somewhat address this problem is cutting the avocado in half and using the half without the pit immediately. Then I tightly wrap the half with the pit in and use it later that same day. Only slightly brown, not too shabby.

RT said...

Mmm... avocados!

Lindsey said...

I love love love avocados too, especially in fresh salsas and of course it's most glorious form: guacamole. My best way around the brown-ness is like what you said, wrapping the half with the pit still in it, or else I squeeze a little lemon juice onto the top and then wrap it. I find that that bit of lemon flavor enhances whatever the avocado is going into anyway.

Cookie said...

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